Wetroom Accessories

Heated Towel Rails

Our heated towel rails can be fitted to a central heating system and can also be installed electric only or dual fuel using one of our electric elements.

Sizes range from 700mm to 1800mm high and 450mm to 600mm wide.


A range of stylish and high quality, chrome plated valves that are also available in Brushed Nickel or Black Nickel.

Heated Towel Rails

Mirror Demisters

  • Double insulated construction
  • Lightweight & quick to install
  • Thermostat not required
Mirror Demisters

Why use Lustrolite Wall Panels?

Lustrolite Bathroom panels are perfect for use in bathrooms and shower areas and offer a modern and minimalistic appearance. Lustrolite panels will give any room a modern, slick feel and can be easily fitted with standard wood working tools

  • Multi-layered acrylic sheets
  • Create a seamless look
  • High gloss finish, looks like glass
  • Available in 9 colours
  • 1/3 of the time to install
  • High scratch resistance
  • 25x the impact strength of glass yet half the weight
  • Impervious to moisture


Lustrolite is easy to keep clean using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth, chamois, or squeegee.

Lustrolite’s hygienic, non-stick surface will not harbor the buildup of mould, bacteria, soap or calcium.

Scratch Resistance

A high performance hard coat on the outer surface provides high scratch and chemical resistance, and affords effortless cleaning.

All products are available in all 9 colours